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    Common Dangers Of Website Design Companies

    High hosting costs

    It’s normal for a Web design company to ask that their customers use their Web hosting services. In theory, insisting that clients use a designated host ensures that if something goes wrong with the site, the original designers can fix the issue more easily than if the website is hosted by a different company.

    But more often than not, free or cheap Web companies offset the low cost for creating a site by charging an excessive hosting rate. And a high hosting cost doesn’t guarantee good service. Before you agree to a website, ask about their hosting fees. At Web Dreams, our hosting starts at R50 a month, which includes regularly scheduled site backups and management of your website installation and plugins, as well as customer support.

    No customer support.

    So your Web design company built you a website for small fee, but now you’re on your own. What do you do if something goes wrong with your website?

    Some web companies or individuals pretending to be a company make money by slapping together quick, out-of-the-box websites, then leave customers high and dry when it comes to potential problems or follow-up questions. Web Dreams offers customer support for all Web clients regardless of which package they purchase, so your concerns and problems can be answered and tackled immediately.

    Domain Names

    Imagine you find the perfect domain name for your website. You register the URL with your chosen web company in Potchefstroom, and they throw together a site for you. You then decide to leave their services because of costly hosting or bad customer support. But it turns out they own your domain name. Now what? Some Web design companies in Potchefstroom use this tactic to ensnare clients in their sticky web and keep them from taking their business elsewhere. With Web Dreams, you’ll always own your domain name.

    Minimal functionality.

    If your website is based on an out-of-the-box template, chances are it won’t have much more than a few pages. There won’t be much for visitors to actually do on your website.

    If you want your website to enhance your career and build a readership, it’s important to create an interactive call to action on your homepage. A few ways to create a call to action include: A contact form for visitors to get in touch with you; social media accounts integrated into your site so that visitors can meaningfully connect with you on Twitter or Facebook; or a link to purchase your new book.

    Practical functionality is not only essential for building a nice author website, it’s essential for developing a strong author platform as well. At Web Dreams, we create functional, fun websites that engage fans.

    Regardless of which Web design company you choose in Potchefstroom, be sure to ask the right questions before forking over your money. Make sure your Web company is dedicated to providing you with support, be sure you will own your domain name, and be aware of any hidden costs you may not see at first glance.

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